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Barbara Kerr

Barbara Kerr, President, California Teachers Association

Well, Barbara Kerr finally clawed her way to the top of the CTA cesspool and is now the grand pu-bah of that unethical dung heap. ASEE has long reported on Barbara Kerr (see our "Kerr-chews" below) and she has finally rubbed the public the wrong way in order for them to take note at just how disgusting CTA really is. The incident that has stirred the pot happens to be Barbara Kerr's misleading radio ad attacking California's new governor - Arnold Schwarzenegger. As is common knowledge, Schwarzenegger replaced Gray Davis who was the first California governor ever to be recalled. This time, Kerr's slick radio ads were simply too much for the public to take and now they're howling!

As we've noted, Ms. Kerr seems to have been the chief gold-digger for the California Teachers Association for many years? She is also is the SAME Barbara Kerr that KNEW about the corruption that has existed within the California Teachers Association. Click here to find out just a bit about her involvement in "handling" the problems at the High Desert Service Council, which is located in the backyard of her own hometown (Riverside, CA). She even took some time out once to visit one Victor Elementary Teachers Association "Board Meeting" (held at John's Pizza in Victorville) - She did NOTHING.


  • Sacramento Bee reporter Daniel Weintraub, "Love the teachers, hate the union" posts article regarding Barbara Kerr's hilarious radio announcement. Usually, when we hear her raspy (hack, hack, wheeze) voice on the radio - we shut it off.
  • Hey, wasn't Barbara Kerr "THE Republican Poster Girl" for the California Teachers Association - for many years? (Look, CTA has Republicans too!)
  • Is it true that this same Barbara Kerr who became a Democrat just before the 2000 Democratic National Convention? (Guess you can't rise any further, within the ranks of CTA/NEA, unless you change your party affiliation?)
  • Is this the same Barbara Kerr, life-long Republican. . .err, new Democrat, who was recently elected to attend the Democratic National Convention as a delegate? (Oh Dorothy, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore!) So, Ms. Democrat, how much did the California Teachers Association contribute to your campaign as a delegate?
  • Barbara Kerr had known, for a long time, about the problems with the High Desert Service Center, and did nothing.
  • Barbara Kerr knew that every classroom in the Victor Elementary School District was raided and did nothing about it. (Perhaps, she was too busy trying to climb the CTA ladder?)

Here's a tough question:

What do you get when you cross aDemocrat with a Republican ?

  1. A Democrat,
  2. A Republican,
  3. A "Big A**",
  4. Barbara Kerr, or
  5. All of the Above?


Now that's a TOUGH one! What do YOU think?