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California Teachers Association Clowns!

This is NOT a laughing matter

  • Wayne Johnson - Past-President, California Teachers Association. (Mr. Tough Guy or Mr. Milk Toast?)
  • Lois Tinson - Past-President, California Teachers Association. (Leave me alone Lois?) Not only was she aware of the successful lawsuit against the National Education A$$ociation (and was present at the meeting were threats were first made against a CTA member!) but she also consistently IGNORED all of the problems she knew about with the High Desert Service Center!
  • Barbara Kerr - CTA's current President - So, is she or isn't she? Click on her name to find out!
  • Carolyn Doggett - CTA's current (2000) Executive Director - She did nothing to help teachers or children in Victorville.
  • Beverly Tucker - CTA's esteemed Chief Counsel who helps CTA/NEA combat CTA/NEA members for trying to find out about why the NEA President's "total compensation" exceeds $300,000 per year!
  • Bill Ribblett - the NEA/CTA High Desert Service Center Representative who has been responsible for so many of the problems. If you haven't already, take a look at some of the things that happened under his "watch."