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Bob Chase

Bob Chase, Past-President,
National Education Association

Well Bob, ASEE has just obtained documents from the United States Department of Labor, which are available to all American Citizens. National Education Association members (and others interested in seeing just how the NEA fills the very deep pockets of individuals who operate teachers unions) will want to click here for detailed accounting of NEA's richest "members." Isn't it nice to know just how fine folks, like Bobby "Big Bucks" Chase, siphon money out of teachers pockets - especially those that really try to help children?

The Bob Chase NEA Legacy -
This is what he called the "New Unionism"

  • Bobby "Big Bucks" Chase - NEA's Grand Pubah's Treasure Room Revealed. You allegedly claim you "don't know" how much you earn from NEA, teachers are harassed for asking you about your income, and you get a whopping "total compensation increase" of $23,826 in JUST TWO YEARS! WOW! Do you care that so many of the teachers who pay your grossly inflated salary suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, are lambasted for trying to help children, even forced into bankruptcy and still have to pay nearly $700 per year in union dues? Sure doesn't look like it!
  • You "deeply regret" that racism and discrimination caused harm to children and teachers in the Victor Elementary School District but you can't "recommend that the (US) Department of Education reject the nomination of Lomitas Elementary School Award without further investigation into the matter?" Well...what happened Bob - did your "investigation" turn up all of the corruption that allowed those atrocities to happen in the first place? Is that why the National Education Association, once again, iognored the needs of children and their teachers - even though it caused great harm and hardship on them?
  • Guess it doesn't matter what happens to NEA members - you're earning the big bucks enjoy life!