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Bigot Delaine Eastin Refuses to Respond

Bigot Delaine Eastin Refuses to Respond About Lomitas Elementary School

Delaine Eastin, having full knowledge about the horrors at Lomitas Elementary School, ignored the first letter sent to her. As a result, another letter is sent. Please note that either Ms. Eastin, Lois Tinson, President of the California Teachers Association or Wayne Johnson, Vice President of the California Teachers Association also leaked the information from the first letter, directly back to Lomitas Elementary School WITHOUT INVESTIGATING the discrimination that had been taking place.

April 16, 1998
Delaine Eastin
State Superintendent of Public Instruction
CA Department of Education
721 Capitol Mall
PO Box 944272
Sacramento, CA 94244-2720

Dear Superintendent Eastin:

While I have not yet received a response from your office regarding my correspondence of April 1, 1998, I have learned that both the concerns which I addressed, as well as my name, were announced by Denise Edge, principal of Lomitas Elementary School during a staff meeting held yesterday (Wednesday, April 15, 1998). This is particularly disturbing as I was informed on Tuesday, by Edie (spelling?) in your office, that a response would not be forthcoming until April 23, 1998. Even more disturbing is that fact no one knew of this letter except for you and the individuals cc'ed below.

I am currently preparing an extremely large packet of information for the California Teachers Association which contains most of the extensive documentation I have regarding my concerns that a school which has just finished being monitored by the United States Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights should even be considered as a nominee for the California Distinguished School Program. Due to the apparent "leak" of information to Lomitas Elementary School I thought I would provide you with just a very small sampling of the materials that I am currently gathering. I have included an article which appeared last fall (1997) in the Daily Press, the local newspaper in Victorville. I'm certain that you will find the statements made by (the Principal) to be enlightening. Please note that the child in the photograph happens to be an African American.

Finally, you should know that I am also gathering my extensive documentation to demonstrate that someone from Lomitas Elementary School apparently lied to OCR while they were being monitored. I will be providing those materials directly to OCR as soon as I get an opportunity. It is my understanding that there are some, at Lomitas Elementary School, that are not too fond of the action which I am taking - that is certainly understandable, wouldn't you be upset if someone turned your school in for racial segregation and refusal to assist students with special needs and then your staff was monitored for two years? I can say this, my complaint has apparently made a difference in the racial makeup of each class.



cc: W. Padia, US Dept. of Education, Office for Civil Rights
L. Tinson, President, California Teachers Association
W. Johnson, Vice President, California Teachers Association