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California Department of Education

Quick Facts About the California Department of Education

  • April 25, 2002 - Delaine Eastin again rewards school that retaliates against teachers!
  • Delaine Eastin, the former California State Superintendent of "Public Instruction" (that's beginning to sound like an oxymoron!) not only personally aware of the horrors against children at Lomitas Elementary School but, after she presented the school with the "California Distinguished School Award, she had the audacity to nominate the school for the "National Blue Ribbon Award" from the United States Department of Education. Isn't it just wonderful that the highest elected education official in California intentionally IGNORED the severe problems at Lomitas Elementary School and supports a school that discriminates against children and harasses teachers! Click Here for the gory details.
  • Want to find out about how curriculum is (or is NOT) developed in California - take a GOOD look at this article that was written for the California Music Educators Association on how incompetent Delaine Eastin, and other elected officials are in curriculum development! Yeeech!
  • "Amy Sues Eastin Over Withheld API Records: State Says Information's Release Could be Damaging" - Pasadena Star News (March 3, 2000)