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Substitute Teacher from Utah

Correspondence from a Substitute Teacher:

Anonymous: Yes
Post: Yes
State: Utah
County: Davis
District: Anonymous-cannot put down

I am a Substitute teacher. I have been for seven years of my life. For the last six months or so I have gone through torment in arranging my education and deciding what to do with my future. When I tried to apply within other School Districts within 30 miles of my home or so I was practically denied quality interviews without interference from the District I work in. I was said things to in these interviews as well as told my references can't be used if and only I get permission from the legal department with this particular District. I also must get higher references from the University I attend as an English major because everything I have in my personnel file is insufficient at this time. I could get some legal help, but I have been advised by the legal department in the District I may be let go because I am giving people grief. I am a great person, and a very good Substitute. I work everyday when I can. Last year I worked 190 days bearing a lot of illness, because I work, go to school, and try to have a life that's sane. Tell me is this me. I get told in schools about conversations I have with administrators that should be private, but becomes a very public outcry. My family has also been dragged into this and anything else that seems hurtful. Even to the point to tell you you are not good at Special Education which I have worked in over 300 times or more. I am really at a place where I can't move, and I love what I do. But, there is only so much you can endure for the sake of loving to teach. I got sent home last Friday the school saying I can put in for other jobs, which is what I have to do if I need the income. What can I do? I have contacted everyone I can and nothing seems to solve this. And only one person stands in my way with this and it is the Human Resources Director. And, I have contacted him at least three or four times in order to get this settled. And, I do have a representative with the Utah School Employees, but he doesn't answer phone calls and will not stand up to this.