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Garfield High School Principal Fired then, a few months later, a Teacher Commits Suicide!

If you're even REMOTELY interested in this den of inequity, you MUST check out David Blomstrom's Web site, The Geobopological Survey. EVERYTHING you would rather not know about in Seattle schools (or, for that matter, schools ANYWHERE in a "civilized" nation)!

  • The Beginning of the End? Second Hand Allegations and Arson. An Article from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.
  • Teacher Commits Suicide - Read this article from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Was this educator driven to suicide by Seattle Public Schools?
  • "Garfield Students Mourn Death of Popular Teacher". - Seattle Post-Intelligencer. What really happened? Where was NEA and the Washington Education Association during this incident? Apparently, they DIDN'T care until AFTER this teacher was dead!

The following articles no longer have valid links. We've left them here for reference.

  • "Teacher Had '95 Warning, No Monitoring" Wow! Read the latest on the teacher who committed suicide. The District knew about problems with this one but did nothing! [link no longer valid]
  • "Garfield Teacher on Leave Found Dead" - Seattle Times [link no longer valid]. This horrible story also mentions Al Jones - the notorious principal who was recently fired on allegations of sexual relations with a student.
  • "Teacher Who Reached Students Pays Terrible Price" - A story from the Seattle Times [link no longer valid]. Was this popular teacher driven to suicide by a second-hand rumor?
  • "Teacher's Friends Question Probe that Preceded Death." Washington Education Association (NEA's State Affiliate) admit that their "Union officials their lawyers and have concluded that the investigation of the accusations against Hudson took too long." So, what ELSE is new? (Another Seattle Times Article - the link is no longer valid.)
  • "Teacher Who Reached Students Pays a Terrible Price" [link no longer valid]- In addition to this, apparently outstanding teacher, how many other exemplary teachers have paid the ultimate price for caring?
  • "Principal Resigns Over Allegations of Alleged Misconduct with Student" (Seattle Insider - link no longer valid). Sounds like good 'ole Al Jones had LOTS of other problems too!