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Harriet C. Dial

Harriet C. Dial,
National Education A$$ociation UniServe Consultant

Take a look at this one! Ms. Dial is, by her own admission, "a former teacher and work(s) for the state affiliate of the NEA -- and I believe in the organization." In fact, she works for the Robeson Association of Educators, North Carolina Association of Educators. Take a look at her e-mail below, and then check on other horrors from her own state - North Carolina must be a VERY HAPPY place!

Such a Happy Person!
Be sure to read her happy message!

"From: []
Sent: Thursday, November 18, 1999 3:37 PM

To: [name redacted]

Subject: Re: NEA Refuses to help teachers or children!

I have no idea why you -- obviously an unhappy person -- sent this to me -- a happy person. I do not know you and I certainly have no idea how you got my email. I live on the other side of the country -- but I am a former teacher and work for the state affiliate of the NEA -- and I believe in the organization. Please take me off your list."

Well, Ms. Dial, your name appears on the "NEA Affiliate Newsletter Site" where you are listed as the editor for the monthly newsletter of the Robeson Association of Educators (North Carolina), NCAE. When this site was first started, I had the silly notion that NEA newsletter editors, especially esteemed UniServe Consultants, might actually CARE about children and teachers. Your e-mail message certainly says a LOT about how much NEA cares!

It's so nice that you enjoy bestowing honors upon others who are concerned with a "lifelong quest to heal America's gaping racial divide" - you must have a VERY happy job! Obviously, your concern for racial segregation in other parts of the country is also very deep! Are the children in North Carolina as fortunate as those at Lomitas Elementary School?

Your apparent philanthropic contributions to our society is to be commended! How about establishing a fund to assist children abused by our schools and NEA? Now, that would make everyone HAPPY!