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Offensive Mail & Sexual Harassment

A Sampling of the Types of Mail Teachers Can Expect to Get at Lomitas Elementary School

The following are real examples of the kinds of materials that are anonymously placed in the school mail boxes of teachers who are willing to stand up for the rights of the children at Lomitas Elementary School. Please note that these are just some, of MANY such items, that were placed in the mail box of just one MALE teacher. Not only are these "materials" clearly intended for women but the common practice at Lomitas Elementary School was to remove the mailing labels so that the person(s) responsible for this harassment could not be identified. Isn't Lomitas Elementary School a GREAT place to work?!

How to Manage Conflict & Maintain Emotional Control for Women

Click to view larger image.Lomitas Elementary School, "A National Blue Ribbon School," places flyers, such as the one listed at the left to a male teacher! Doesn't this give you that warm fuzzy feeling that Lomitas Elementary School is that type of place where children can learn from teachers who are respected? Double click on the thumbnail at the left for a larger view of this flyer.




Managing the "Disruptive Classroom"

Click to view larger image.Hey, if a classroom is filled with children that have severe problems and the school's administration REFUSES to assist, what else would you call it? Isn't it nice that someone at Lomitas Elementary School was aware that these problems existed but REFUSED to do anything about it!? Be sure to note that the person responsible for this nonsense didn't have the GUTS to leave her/his name on this flyer - what else would one expect though from a "National Blue Ribbon School?" Double click on the thumbnail at the left for a larger view.



"Negativity" at Lomitas Elementary School

Click to view larger image.Don't bother to try to help children at this California Distinguished School - no one cares! Instead, FILE A COMPLAINT with the US Dept. of Education, Office for Civil Rights - THAT might result in just a little bit of negativity!

The front and back of this flyer, again placed anonymously in the mailbox of one teacher at Lomitas, have been provided here. Clearly, the spineless individual negative person responsible for this lacked (once again) the integrity to be identified and removed the mailing label from this flyer. Double click on the thumbnail for a larger view of the flyer.