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Teacher Killed in Florida

TEACHER KILLED by Student in Florida

Reuters News Service, in an article published about this HORRIBLE tragedy, claims that Bobby "Big Buck$" Chase, President of the National Education Association was quoted as stating:

"We are sick at heart. As educators, we bear the emotional scars of caring for children in a world where violence is too easy, guns too available, and adults too cowardly to take action to protect teachers and students."

Oh Really? Well Bobby "Big Buck$" Chase ". . . if the shoe fits. . ." What about YOUR cowardice to protect teachers from the emotional scars of caring for children? Take a look here and decide for yourself:

  • What about Ronica Sarkisian-Carlisle, an NEA member who asked if your salary was really in the neighborhood of $300,000! Don't you remember that court case? If not, it's posted here on the ASEE site - CLICK here for details.
  • From NEA/CTA (California Teacher Association) employees, such as Lynette Tanaka, who, according to the Sarkisian-Carlisle court documents, was, apparently RESPONSIBLE for Ms. Carlisle's case against NEA in the first place! Hey, Ms. Tanaka's name is even mentioned (along with your's) on the FIRST PAGE of those court documents! Then, the California Teachers Association, in their most recent issue of the "California Educator" (May 2000, Volume Four, Issue 8, page 29, far right column) announces that the CTA State Council, "has endorsed. . .Lynette Tanaka for the NEA Executive Committee" - could the first Lynette Tanaka be the same as the second? If so, it looks like NEA is really working to "protect teachers!"
  • How about the emotional scars of teachers at THIS school - YOU, as the esteemed HIGHLY PAID President of NEA did NOTHING about this situation, even though you are PERSONALLY aware of the emotional scars in this case. Oh you don't remember? Well, take a look at these pages for a sample:
    • High Desert Service Council - Certainly, this office of NEA/CTA has cared about "the emotional scars of caring for children" for years! Is this the very epitome of COWARDICE or what?
    • Lomitas Elementary School - a "National Blue Ribbon School." Oh, PLEASE don't tell us that this is just another instance of "adults too cowardly to take action to protect teachers and students." Again, YOU knew about it!
  • Have your read ANYTHING about the now NOTORIOUS "Jailhouse Sallye" the Los Angeles Unified School District principal who KILLED a MAN, and was permitted to continue terrorizing teachers (she drove out/down approximately 70 teachers over a period of greater that TEN YEARS!) Where were you and the esteemed National Education Association? Gosh, could ANY of these teachers or the children they taught possibly bear any emotional scars from this?
  • What about the "emotional scars" of teachers within the Guilford County Schools (North Carolina) who have been TERRORIZED for YEARS. Looks like these poor educators will require MASSIVE plastic surgery to remove their scar tissue! If that's not enough, then take a look at ASEE's "States of Terror" for similar stories of others needing reconstruction.