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Bellevue School District

Is there an Innapportriate Relationship Between
the Bellevue Superintendent & TeachFirst?

Anonymous: Yes
Post: Yes
State: Washington
County: King
District: Bellevue

My Superintendent, Mike Riley, sits on the advisory board of Teachfirst, a for-profit company which promulgates web-based teacher training and lesson planning. The company's curriculum and starter CD's have been showing up in all of our new curriculum. It is alleged that "advisors" are only reimbursed for their travel and food, yet no mention in the corporate "eye-wash" is made about advisor stock options.

I smell a big rat here. Several nefarious educators are sitting on the Teachfirst board. If you plow through the web references on a google search of Teachfirst you will smell the rat(s) too. Search on "Teachfirst."

A Bellevue Washington Teacher