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National Education Association Salaries

Salaries Fit for a King!

If you can't do, teach.
If you can't teach, administrate.
If you can't administrate, write a book.
If you can't write a book, become an NEA officer or employee and earn big bucks.

United States Department of Labor, Form LM-2,
"Labor Organization Annual Report."

All National Education Association members will want to examine the following document as it paints an extremely disturbing view regarding how their hard-earned dues are spent on exorbitant salaries for NEA officers and employees. It also provides details about other union expenses. A detailed outline of this extensive (and shocking) document will be posted in the near future to assist visitors.

For your information, Form LM-2 must be submitted, each year by employee unions (such as the NEA) to the United States Department of Labor, and provides extensive information on union salaries and benefits to union officers and employees. Names of NEA employees have been crossed out (although officers have not been).

NEA's Labor Organization Annual Report, Form LM-2
for the Fiscal Year Ending on August 31, 1999

Teachers - This Document, obtained from the United States Department of Labor, will show what your exorbitant membership dues pay for.
Form LM-2,
Labor Organization Annual Report
This is the actual form that is required by the United States Department of Labor which must be filed by all labor organizations, such as NEA, that have $200,000 or more in annual receipts.  This form provides an overview of the complete document.
Form LM-2,
Schedule1- Loans Receivable
Schedule 3 - Other Assets
Schedule 4 - Other Liabilities
Loans Receivable? Yes, that's right, NEA granted loans, in the amount of $111,394 to their employees during the fiscal year that ended on August 31, 1999! NEA even granted long-term payroll advances to their employees! How many NEA members have benefits like that? Shocking but TRUE!
Form LM-2,
Schedule 9 Disbursements to Officers and Board of Directors
Find out how much NEA pays their officers and board members! NEA has 6 officers and other individuals who earn MORE than $100,000 per year listed here! Three of those earn approximately $300,000 or more!  
Form LM-2,
Schedule 9 - Member Benefits Corp. Disbursements to Officers
Schedule 10 - Member Benefits Corp
Disbursements to Employees
This form lists 7 officers or employees who work for NEA's Member Benefits Corporation (a wholly-owned subsidiary of NEA) that earn more than $100,000 per year!
Form LM-2,
Schedule 10 - Disbursements to NEA Employees who earn more than $10,000 per year
Absolutely Shocking but TRUE! Of the 577 individuals listed on this form, 152 NEA EMPLOYEES EARN MORE THAN $100,000! The AVERAGE SALARY of all  individuals listed on this document is $87,437.37!
Form LM-2,
Schedule 10 - Disbursements to NEA Employees who earn less than $10,000 per year
Not much here - only 24 NEA employees, total, earn less than $10,000 - their average salary is $4,760.59.
Form LM-2,
Schedule 11 - Benefits
This schedule lists SEVERANCE PAYMENTS of $430,000! (What happened NEA, hire some HONEST employees that you couldn't handle anymore?) Also listed are "Annual Leave Payments" of $360,758, "Annual Leave Buyouts" of $386,803, and "Eyeglass Reimbursements [for] NEA Staff" of $47,256.
Form LM-2,
Schedule 13- Office and Administrative Expenses
Schedule 14 - "Other Receipts" and
Schedule 15 - "Other Disbursements"
These documents describe a variety of NEA's operating expenses.
Form LM-2,
Item 75 - Additional Information
This document describes several of NEA's programs and other items mentioned elsewhere on Form LM-2. Is it possible that the Sarkisian vs. NEA hearing on charges of UNFAIR LABOR PRACTICES could have been paid for out of the Kate Frank/DuShane Unified Legal Services Program described here?

Want to learn more about what NEA's Expenses? Visit the Association for Union Democracy web site to find out what information is available to the public.