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Student Expelled for Tylenol!

Student EXPELLED for Tylenol!

Even the Maine Civil Liberties Union is involved in this one! Read their news release about this horrifying event [Link no longer valid]. Go get em!

Tylenol Scandle

Name: [name redacted]
E-mail: [redacted]
Anonymous: Yes
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State: Maine
County: Cumberland
District: SAD #61
Date: 07/03/01 Story:

Although this state has published their great concern for children, the numbers of students being expelled from these schools are unreal. If a child takes a Tylenol the only way they can regain entry into a Maine Public School is by attending a re-entry program that consists of drug counseling, random drug testing as well as other requirements. On top of this, public records are placed on an open web site with the minor's name, as well as the stated violation and the punishment for this and this is done without any consent from parents. School administrators do not believe that they are required to even follow the rules of state education and since the power of local school boards have been returned to the locality the state rarely intervenes. Once accused of a violation, it is virtually impossible to defend yourself, as there is cases where there is no physical evidence just hearsay and yet the educational death penalties are continually given out. It is a society that places little value on their young [Link no longer valid.] [Link no longer valid.]