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National Fill in The Stupid Little Bubble Month!

The American Society for Ethics in Education salutes those fine educators who celebrated the sencond Annual "National Fill in the Stupid Little Bubble Month" - April 2001 in honor of the current practice of INSTITUTIONALIZED CHILD ABUSE that is commonly called "Standardized Testing." As noted elsewhere on this site, standardized testing allows some schools to obtain kudos for falsely reporting test score information as they climb the ladder to obtain the "National Blue Ribbon Award" from the United States Department of Education! 

There is something VERY wrong with our schools when children are subjected, intentionally, to hours/days/months of endless "drill and kill" to prepare for these tests that are now being given to children as young as Kindergarten. Perhaps we should REQUIRE the morons who develop and insist on administering these tests to submit to some form of testing themselves as a condition of employment. Hey, wait a minute, if that happened, no one would pass and our children would be free to really LEARN! :)

ASEE would like to see (with all due sarcasm) "Test Mania" added to the Diagnostic and Statistical  Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition (DSM-4) of the American Psychiatric Association. Perhaps this horrible disorder should be classified under "Personality Disorders." What do you think? Have any ideas? ASEE is now soliciting suggestions, from educators, as to what the personality characteristics of  those obsessed with standardized testing would be. Please send all suggestions, for inclusion on this page, to: Test_Mania@edethics.org . Thank you for helping to prevent child abuse!

Test Mania -
The Nation's Most Prevalent and Pernicious Psychiatric Disorder!



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Actions Taken by Other Organizations Regarding Standardized Testing

bulletCalifornia Association of Teachers of English - Resolutions, from one of California's leading professional organizations, on the misuse of standardized testing.


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Suggestions on Celebrating "Pop the Stupid Little Bubble Month"

  1. Gather up as many Kindergarten and First Grade Students as possible, give them each a bottle of bubbles (with a wand, of course!) and let 'em have at it during your local school board meetings!
  2. Submit your idea (lesson plans or activities) here.


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"Pop the Stupid Little Bubble Month" Poetry

What did they do before going insane,
School Boards obsessed with tests so inane!

Bet you can do better than that! Submit your ideas by clicking here *.

ASEE's First Submission!


Dear Friends,

Here's an anti-SAT9 song that I adapted for California:

A New STAR Song
(Sung to the tune of "Gilligan's Island" theme song.)


For SAT 9's we teach the test. The kids, they learn by rote.

And if our scores don't go up soon, we'll surely miss the boat.

Surely miss the boat.


We teach Test Best for three full days, fill in bubbles so you see,
There's so much stuff on this ol' test that makes no sense to me.
It makes no sense to me.


If we complain, we're shown the door, there is no room to doubt.
This test has got me so wound up, I feel the need to shout.
Feel the need to shout.


The test is all we teach for months, there's nothing new to see.
We cover less material than the way it used to be.
The way it used to be.


My kids know much not on this test, it's very clear to all.
But the test is all we care about... let's shove them out the hall.
Shove them out the hall.


They'll pass the test, but fail their life, and is this really fair?
You're really quite a trusting soul
If you think Gray Davis will really care.
If you think Gray Davis will really care.


Yours In Bubble Bursting,

Gary in California 


"Ghost 'Star9s' in the Sky!"

(This is a tongue in cheek song we sang at our district's annual BBQ last year and we won first prize in the talent dept. STAR is what our district has named the Stanford 9 tests.)

submitted by Chris 

"STAR Marshals on the Go!"
(Sung to the tune of “Ghost Riders in the Sky.”)

We take the oath of silence,
and we never break a rule.
All over California,
it's the same at every school.

While passing out the booklets
the students start to shake
They're smart enough to notice,
their future is at stake.


Yippi - Yi - Yay, Yippi - Yi -Yo,
We're STAR Marshals on the go!

We test the best. We test the rest
And all who're in between.
No one's yet been clever enough to
dodge this nasty scheme.

It's no use to whine and whimper or shed a
lot of tears.
No one's getting out of this-- it's the worst
of all their fears. (Chorus)

The tests are then collected;
held under lock and key
There's never been a greater fuss
about security.

The nation, to be sure’s at risk,
don't let the secret out,
That in life's greater plan,
this testing doesn't count. (Chorus)

We stress them out and wring them dry
Of everything they've learned.
All to give ‘em a total score
to see what points they've earned.

It’s a yearly rite of passage
It happens every spring
We’re here to answer that duty call
Until the final bell rings. (Chorus)


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"Pop the Stupid Little Bubble Month" Music

Okay, music teachers - submit your MIDI Files Here for all to enjoy*! ASEE respectfully requests that only midi files be submitted as they are relatively small and you will also be able to add lyrics to your score (most midi programs will allow this).


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* All entries become the property of ASEE, however, the original author or composer is granted permission to use, for any purpose, his/her own materials. 

Permission granted to all others if they acknowledge ASEE and provide a link back to this page.

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