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Fort Worth ISD: Union Threatens Teacher

Union Threatens Teacher with Restraining Order!

Once again, it appears as if an NEA member is denied access to phantom benefits! Can this be real?? If so, it certainly supports information already posted on this site about NEA's failure to protect members - guess they're just too busy bilking money out of their members' pockets in order to earn their grossly inflated salaries, rather than be concerned for the teachers they allegedly "represent." 

Questionable Accounting?

Name: [name redacted]
E-mail: redacted]
Anonymous: Yes
Post: Yes
State: Texas
County: Tarrant
District: Fort Worth ISD
Date: July 5, 2001


  1. My TSTA rep didn't make a meeting on March 9th, and never bothered to tell me she wasn't coming....I happened to go by their offices at closing time the day before at 5:00 p.m. and they told me that she wasn't going to be there and they acted like that it was no big deal and the meeting would just be delayed until "whenever". Well, "whenever" would be at the earliest on March 19th because of Spring break. They said no one could cover for her either. I called Austin the next morning demanding that someone cover for her. They sent a guy who tried hard, but he was completely unfamiliar with my "case".
  2. The lady who missed the meeting was "MIA" on me for the next two weeks! Wouldn't return my calls, wouldn't forward me any information through other UniServ reps, etc. (UniServ is the name TSTA (NEA) gives to their pathetic reps)
  3. I finally saw her again on March 26th when I walked into a meeting and she was the rep there........No one told me it was going to be her there! The woman who had let me down for two weeks was now the one "representing" me out of the blue against administrators as corrupt as TSTA!
  4. These "people" (TSTA reps) were going by 1990 grievance regulations and didn't know many of the new rules! (1990 guidelines were in my file after I quit TSTA)
  5. Another UniServ rep called me one night and asked if I would need a rep at a meeting the next morning....... I called back and told his wife "no" was the answer to his question. He called back to verify that I had said "no". Well, the next morning, there's a rep there! I had decided to get an attorney for that meeting and it was none of TSTA's business, but they acted like I had deceived them! And, about me telling them NOT to send someone? Here was the guy's response to his boss: "He wanted someone there with him. We delivered." (This bold-faced lie was also left in my file. Stupidly left for me to discover).
  6. TSTA NEVER informed me that I could take my evidence of corruption and other rights/law violations directly to Level III of the silly undemocratic Fort Worth grievance process. So,
    I piddled around for many weeks at Levels I and II trying to get things done.........
  7. When the incompetent and apathetic female rep above found out that I had called her boss in Austin about her pathetic "service", she left the following message on my machine: "Calling Austin only gets you referred back to me." Arrogant to say the least....
  8. In another memo I uncovered when I quit TSTA and picked up my file, the "lady" mentioned in number 8 slandered me to no end! In her desperate red herring efforts to distract her boss from her incompetence and apathy, she stated lie after lie about me!
  9. She falsely stated to her boss that I was a physical threat to  the corrupt administrators and teachers at my school. She said that they were afraid that I'd "show up at school and go ballistic." I have taught 7 years and I have NEVER threatened anyone with violence and never committed violence against a co-worker! RHLA should be their name, not TSTA! (Red Herring Liars Association!)
  10. Further on in her letter, she reported to her boss what she had told the lead TSTA rep at my school: "I told her she should share that ("that" is in reference to completely unfounded and slanderous "violence threats" above) with the principal or asst. principal so they could be on the lookout for him and could alert security people." Not exactly "in the best interest of the client" eh? Well, my rep at school admitted to my attorney that she had indeed "warned" school officials to be "on the lookout" for me! I have spent around 2,000 in dues these last 5 years for TSTA (NEA) to represent me....... What a waste!!!!! The school rep also admitted to my attorney that she knew of no concrete facts to be labeling me as a threat. Because there are no facts, concrete or otherwise!
  11. I talked to a TSTA related attorney one day on the phone. He called TSTA offices inquiring about why I had called. In her letter, this is what my rep "weaved" out of his call: "I got a call from Daniel (atty) saying he had called him looking for an attorney. I told him it had not been referred to Austin yet (I never claimed it had been!) and the man (me) was a little unstable. He (atty) agreed." Have you ever seen such slander! I called the attorney she was talking about and he had NEVER even discussed me with this rep before in his life! He had talked to someone else about my inquiring of him, not her!
  12. Well, once I received my files that further documented TSTA corruption: slander, apathy, cover ups, etc, etc, I sent their headquarters all of the documentation and a letter about how I felt about their corruption and the "all talk-do nothing" realities of their organization. I asked them if they were too busy at union puppet political fund raisers or were too busy partying on 6th street to help clients! (6th Street is a UT party street)
  13. Also in my files, were many other lies from two other TSTA members trying to desperately "red herring" their way out of consequences for their pathetic "service" of me! Too many to go into right now......
  14. Well, when I sent the letter to their headquarters showing all of
    the evidence I had of their corruption, their lead attorney certified mailed a very threatening letter to me. Here are a few of the quotes:
    1. "You do not have the right to defame TSTA or personally harass our staff." Reporting completely factual and well documented facts of corruption and slander is not defamation. And how did I harass her staff? There was no "harassment" by me,and their scare tactics attorney
      knows it.
    2. She (attorney) further states "the threats you have made". Threats of legal action for their corruption, yes! Physical threats? NO.
    3. Later in the TSTA (NEA) attorney's letter, she states that "you would appear to reflect a person who has some serious psychological difficulties." Getting pissed off at corruptive lying do-nothing idiots DOES NOT make me a "head case". And the way the attorney wrote it "appear to reflect" is her pathetic attorney way of covering her ass for slandering me with the "psychological difficulties" part!
    4. After all the facts I presented to the contrary, indisputably documented facts I might add, their attorney goes on to say "Our organization does the very best it can to effectively represent its' (<-----atty spelled it that way) members and has worked long and hard to create and maintain it's (< ---again, it's, its are more difficult to learn than I thought) good name." That bunch of ________ stinks, I mean speaks, for itself.
    5. Here's where the threats start.......She states: "We will take whatever steps are necessary to defend it (good name) and our staff." Unions haven't always used legal steps to silence whistle blowers, now have they? And she doesn't even say legal steps, she just says "whatever steps". I asked her to clarify what exactly "whatever steps" means in a letter to my attorney, and, believe it or not, she didn't respond......
    6. Then the threats keep going.....The closing paragraph states "The purpose of this letter is to put you on notice that, if you do not cease and desist these actions, we will not hesitate to seek a restraining order (what have I
      done to be restrained from? Exposing corruption can get me a restraining order from the police dept?) against you in a court of law and/or file a defamation suit and take any other actions deemed necessary to protect our organization and it's staff." (again, that word its/it's is very difficult for this attorney......I'm sure the judges get a kick out of her often misspelled depositions, etc!) Again, reporting documented corruptive practices is NOT a violation of defamation laws, period.
    7. Her closing sentence seems to imply that she is going to "let me off the hook" and tries to imply she is looking out for my best interests. She  states: "I strongly urge you to move on with your life and to refocus your energies on activities more beneficial to yourself and others." What a great and compassionate woman, eh?