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One Segregated Class at Lomitas Elementary School

How Does this Compare to the All White Class?

Please examine the following photograph, from the 1995-1996 Lomitas Elementary School Year Book, and try to count the number of non-white students. Student faces have been obscured to protect the privacy of the students. View some additional interesting facts about this, and similar classes at Lomitas below.

Segregated Class at Lomitas Elementary School

Facts About This Class at Lomitas Elementary School

  • Students whose parents did not apply, or were not "accepted" into, the "elite" classes at Lomitas Elementary School, were placed into classes such as this.
  • The mean (average) class score, on nationally normed standardized tests, of this class was around the 20th percentile. (Nationally, an "average class" would have test scores around the 50th percentile.) Please note that this does not mean that all children in this class scored that low (a few had high scores), however, the majority had such low scores that the class average was extraordinarily low.
  • This class had an extremely high mobility rate (students moving in and out during the school year). The children, shown at the bottom, are just a portion of the students that were enrolled after class photos were taken at the beginning of the school year. You will note that the "White Class" has no such children - these "elite" classes were extremely.
  • At one point, this class had as many as THIRTY-SEVEN CHILDREN, in direct violation of California State law.
  • Classes, such as this one, were often filled with children coming from single parent or foster homes.
  • The percentage of children in this class(es) requiring special education services was extremely high, especially when compared to other classes at Lomitas Elementary. This class included children who were: mentally retarded (IQ was measured at 55), suicidal, had seizures, sexually abused, bounced around from foster home to foster home, had been identified (by previous schools in other school districts) as having Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, kidnapped, had significant emotional problems, etc., etc. Lomitas Elementary School did NOTHING TO HELP THESE CHILDREN. Review the complaint submitted to the US Dept. of Education, Office for Civil Rights concerning many other (horrible) details.

Finally, it needs to be noted that the United States Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights found that Lomitas Elementary School and the Victor Elementary School District were GUILTY of violating numerous Federal laws as a result of the complaint filed against Lomitas Elementary School.