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School Psychologist Tormented

A Brave School Psychologist Speaks Out!

School Psychologist Tormented for Helping Students!

Name: [name redacted]
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State: Louisiana
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In my duties as a school psychologist I have seen numerous violations of children's' rights by supervisory staff. Placement decisions are always made "from the top" despite the fact that the LAW sates that placement decisions are to be made by an IEP committee which of course should include the parent and the parent's wishes.

Further, I am currently being subjected to harassment and retaliation for "whistle blowing," asserting my individual civil rights to free speech, and asserting my rights per the Americans with Disabilities Act. I have been assigned to a school across a large suspension bridge [I have] a documented bridge phobia, an Anxiety Disorder and Depression (both severe). I have been submitted to retaliation for asserting my rights and am in the midst of a grievance process which is supposed to occur "expeditiously" though the SBO has had all relevant documentation since January 22, 2000 it is now March 12, 2000 and I have heard nothing from the superintendent about the grievance hearing.

In the interim in investigating my own difficulties, I have found many more of the same type violations of both school board policy and possibly federal and state laws. Further, the parish does not have an anti-harassment policy per the recent EEOC policy. I am told that there has not been a grievance filed in this parish to reach this level (i.e. the superintendent/School Board level) in 14 years. Little wonder. The only thing that curtailed the harassment was my obtaining an attorney and filing with the EEO re: discrimination. I fear that there are many more instances out there, but people are just too scared to lose their jobs (Louisiana is an employment at will state, and the Administration tends to shoot from the hip regarding their own policies, as I have discovered.

This is most unfortunate and probably the primary reason that people are leaving education left and right. Everyone in my office is counting the days till retirement.

Thank you for your time and attention. If anyone has any advice, please feel free.