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Security Not Allowed on Floor to Help Teacher!

Help Refused!

Student attacks teacher and told that security guards were "not allowed on her floor." Teacher then reassigned to another school - where two students had been shot!

Student Goes for Throat

Name: A Good Teacher
email: [redacted]
Anonymous: Yes
Post: Yes
State: Washington
County: King
District: Formerly Manhattan, New York City


When I read the Geo story about incestuous school administrators I was horrified but not shocked. What is posted below is only a fraction of what I have seen and experienced.

Your account of carpet bagging school administrators took my breath away. A few years ago, in a Manhattan School where I taught, a student who was clearly deranged attacked me. I called for security and received news that security guards were not allowed on my floor by the principal. I went to ask for police after the bell rang because the student had grabbed a marker and marked my throat, threatening to cut it.

I went home during my lunch hour and washed my throat and hands where I had been marked. Later, rather than attend to the matter with the student and his parents, I was suspended for abandonment. Official records of the attack were ignored in spite of the student's potential to harm his peers or himself. I was reassigned to Martin Luther King High School, where last month (Jan. 2002) 2 students were shot in the hall. Currently "phantom students" are being sought. These are students kept on the records who actually do not attend the school. The school receive funding for these phantoms never the less. The students receive no attention to speak of.

When I moved "home" to Seattle, I applied for a Washington State Teacher's License. My educational credential, character references and fingerprint records are excellent - in spite of the violent attack that was covered up.

Earlier, when I was a new teacher, during the "Rudy Crew Years" I worked at a school where my principal embezzled nearly 1/4 million dollars before being reassigned with full salary by Mr. Crew. He later had his autobiography written by a ghost writer.

In the mean time I turned over my anecdotal diary to the city auditors to help prevent further crimes against the children of New York City. My reward was a black listing that lead up to my assignment at the above school.

Why was it not surprising to receive a very odd PERSONAL phone call, off the record, from the Washington State office of teacher licensing informing me that I had "abandonment issues" that had to be examined for their "legality." Amazing! Then I found out Mr. Crew was teaching at the University of Washington. Could their be a connection?

I am an excellent teacher and I care deeply for the students I teach. I am being deprived of my livelihood and although I applied for my teachers license in June of 2001 - I have yet to hear from the office of teaching. There is always a teacher shortage and I am willing towork. Can you write me. I found the news astonishing when your "map" of dirty administrators turned up Mr. Crew.

I came home to Seattle to be in an atmosphere of honesty and decency in the true sense only to find that the slime has already arrive to my home town. Post Traumatic Syndrome is only the tip of the iceberg of what suffering this has caused. Please respond.


Good Teacher