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Harrison County Schools

Harrison County Central Elementary and High Schools

ADHD Child - Whip Him And He Can Come Back to School!

Name: [name redacted]
email: [redacted]
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State: Mississippi
County: Harrison County
District: Harrison Central Ele. & High school


My Grandson has ADHD. He was diagnosed in the 3rd grade. Since the first grade he has been abused - first by the first grade teacher. He was told to his face that he would never learned to read or write because he was retarded and he was suspended from school because when it was raining his feet got wet returning from the lunch room. I spoke to his teacher many times and finally to the principal. They told me if I don't allow whipping he will continue to be suspended. The next year we took him to [a private school]. He was constantly told he was bad because he could not stay in his seat. Finally in the third grade he was tested by a Dr. [name redacted] at the psychology clinic and we were told he is ADHD and ODD [Oppositional Defiant Disorder] he was put on Ritalin. He became worse - now he began to have fights in the playground. The next year he was put into Sand Hill - a rehab center - for 28 days and his meds were adjusted. He was put on high doses of Ritalin and Clonidine. Thank you for letting me blow off steam. My husband and I are 65 years old and retired and **** is a 17 year old toddler. We will do all we can for this boy. He is in counseling again at the AF base where we receive our medical care.


[name redacted]