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Student Brings Gun to Class

Teacher Walks Out from Stress that Resulted in Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Carry a gun? Does anyone care?

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I am one of those teachers who has walked away from her job due to Job-Inflicted Psychiatric injuries. Post-traumatic stress from a 13 year old 5th grader who brought a gun in my classroom. I am afraid to go to work and suffer panic attacks. I felt powerless over the children of my class, and the child that brought the gun in my classroom two years before was placed in my class again. My dignity was stripped from me when, four children with ADHD were placed in my classroom for an entire school year. I also serviced the entire class (8-10) of individual evaluated children for a social inclusion during my PE/Art Hour. I mentally collapsed and when I voiced that I was not able to handle it, they indicated there was nothing to be done. A Math Curriculum specialist came to observe me and personally pulled me aside to refer me to a free consultation to a counselor for my depression. Thus central office was aware of my emotional state.