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Bartow County Board of Education


Legal Counsel Tells Principal to Violate the Law!

Name: Paul L Nally
E-mail: [redacted]
Anonymous: No
Post: Yes
State: Georgia
County: Bartow
District: Bartow County Board of Education

The Bartow County Board of Education has refused to convene a hearing on charges of malfeasant conduct on the part of a principal and instructional coordinator. This cover-up is itself a felony under Georgian law. The legal counsel for the Board has admitted in writing that he told the principal to violate school law.

But it gets better! The district attorney committed criminal acts to obstruct justice, all three judges refuse to recuse themselves, order Grand Juries to investigate or order the matter to an out of circuit Grand Jury, and six of the last 7 Grand Juries refuse to hear the evidence.

This story is documented at [link no longer valid] with copies of all court pleadings and some letters filed including the latest Petition to the Georgia Supreme Court.